New Career Areas in WFH society

New Career Areas in WFH society

The pandemic changed the way individuals do their jobs. Not long ago, 9-to-5 office positions are the norm; however, now, it's all about working from home. In the past year alone, millions became unemployed due to strict quarantine measures and health risks. In light of the economic shift, many careers geared towards the WFH setup had emerged and flourished.


Education is one of the most affected among all industries and sectors. Since face-to-face classrooms are no longer allowed, teachers and students had to meet up in a virtual classroom. While this hindered most schools, it had become an opportunity for many.

  • Online Instructors
    Online instructor jobs include regular teachers, personal tutors, and other related positions. While many schools are laying off countless teachers, online learning platforms opened new opportunities for educators to teach almost anyone inside their homes. Yes, this industry existed a long time ago; however, it's not as popular until now that it had become the only option for some.
    These platforms offer students various courses; thus, instructors can pick their area of expertise and start teaching right away. Also, other sites accept fluent English speakers to train kids or anyone to learn the language.

  • Remote Coaches
    Home quarantine made people curious about learning new things. Consequently, online platforms for acquiring new skills have never been more popular than ever-diverse lessons such as cooking, instruments, and even fitness coaching are now more in-demand than typical subjects.
    Through online learning platforms such as Skillshare, both students and teachers can easily upload and access materials. Private tutoring sessions are still happening; however, on-demand learning is more convenient and less requiring. Depending on the platform's policy and structure, lessons can either be script-based or original.

Content Consumption

  • Video Creation
    Staying at home is undeniably dull if you don't have content to consume or do worthwhile things. For most people, nothing can beat binge-watching shows and movies. While streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu dominate the industry, video sharing places, particularly YouTube, entertained many people throughout the pandemic.
    Yes, video creators or 'YouTubers' earn as much as or even more than most desk jobs. Starting a YouTube channel is simple; however, growing one is quite challenging. Still, with research and creativity, anyone can acquire an audience. The independent video industry is already booming before the pandemic and has reached new heights due to it.

  • Video Conference Facilitators
    Since reunions, events, classes, and meetings are now through video calling services, the conference facilitator career emerged from nowhere. Zoom Specialist, named after the most popular video conferencing app, is often a nickname for this job.
    A job like this pays up to $25 an hour, and a typical salary is around $40,000-$52,000 a year. The work can be simple or complicated depending on the event on Zoom or other similar services. Typically, it should only be setting up virtual rooms, role designations, participant screening, and account handling. Advanced work consists of handling multi-camera setup, custom actions, casting to a larger screen or monitor, and many more.

Support Services

  • Customer Hotline
    The customer support industry is already a big player in the economy long before this challenging situation. However, due to quarantine measures, some employees lost their jobs or aren't capable of continuing due to constraints such as lack of home connection, workspace, and equipment. Indeed, this is a saddening event; however, it had also opened more doors for many.
    Due to many vacant positions, customer service companies are always on the lookout for a hotline agent. The freeing home office setup also enticed many people into this career path since they don't have to commute to work for evenings anymore.

  • Virtual Assistants
    Since entrepreneurs or executives can't or are afraid to have an assistant in person due to recent health risks, virtual assistant jobs grew in popularity. Like a personal assistant, responsibilities include managing a client's schedules, appointments, keeping track of tasks, progress, and many more. Besides, some virtual assistants also are more hands-on, where participating in projects and deliverables are part of the job description.
    Clients provide materials daily, while assistants report by chat, email, and sometimes voice or video calls. It's an excellent career choice if you can manage time well, record precise details, and follow orders accordingly.

  • Email and Social Media Marketers
    Advertising is an essential part of every business. Moreover, since people have more time on their devices than ever, advertising has also shifted towards that space. Gone are the days of paper-printed marketing, and the industry welcomed email and social media marketers.
    Email marketers are responsible for running advertising or newsletter efforts through emails. On the other hand, social media marketing roles require being more active to post more content daily. Some marketing jobs only require posting premade content, while others also involve creating one. Regardless, in this career, a marketing degree isn't that necessary, making it easier to enter than others.


  • Designers
    Outsourcing design for different products and projects is a trend nowadays. In recent events, mainly, freelancers had never been more sought out. Designers, on the other hand, had shifted from their regular jobs to freelancing.
    Designers are now freer to work at their preferred time and location and sometimes decide what projects they want to take. Getting jobs is also not that difficult since there are countless platforms for freelancers and designers solely to showcase their portfolio or apply for a client. Above all, many design apps like Figma made team collaboration more seamless and effective even when working thousands of miles from each other.

  • Writers
    Freelance writing jobs come in different forms, such as copywriters, editors, authors, bloggers, and researchers. Like what made email and social marketing more effective, websites are now one of the primary ways people learn different things. As a result, writing jobs and articles to write reached an influx on freelance sites and writing platforms.

The New Normal

The emerging career areas in a work from home world are disrupted and will forever change how people work, and companies hire. Due to economic uncertainties, it's essential to adapt and accept new opportunities. Indeed, it's hard to stay afloat during these trying times; however, there's always a new job or role available for the determined and willing to learn new things.